Inspired by Shades of Orange

Inspiration comes to me from many different places– coffee shops, people, travel, art, interior design, clothing, etc. I was an event planner in a past career and constantly had to be inspired to craft unique events. As a marketing professional now, I do not require as much, but still find myself craving inspiration. With the recent season change, the color orange has constantly been in my eyesight. 2014-09-26_0001

Camilyn Beth Ruffle DressSociety Social Orange Pagoda Trim Pillow


Orange CocktailHermes Handbag Styled by Atlantic- Pacific 


Kate Spade Gingham Dress | Tory Burch Dinner Party

Desk Details

As I mentioned before, I work from home. This is both a blessing and a curse, I am normally in my bedroom/office for the majority of the day. The style of my desk is very important because not only is it part of my decor, but also my office. I placed my desk next to my window for optimal sunlight and a view. I chose shades of blue and blush for my color scheme, this combination is calming for stressful days. Fresh blooms always brighten my mood especially blue hydrangeas, my favorite!


West Elm Desk, Pencil Cup, Curtains | CB2 Filing Cabinet 

Kate Spade Coffee Table Book, Candle, Stapler | Apple Macbook Air

Ghost Chair | T.J. Maxx Lamp, Mirror Tray, Vase, and Pillow

Design Darling Hustle Print and Tape Dispenser | Etsy Flamingo Print

Friday Favorites


1. The Everygirl “Keep not Settling” travel mug. Such a great reminder for morning coffee.

2. This article detailing how millennials are changing the workplace, could not agree more, excited to see how this generation changes the world.

3. Inside out peanut butter cups, yum!

4. Beyonce + Jay-Z + Baby Blue. Need I say more? Loving this video from one of their recent concerts showing personal footage including the couple’s wedding, Blue Ivy’s first steps, and down time.

5. This Clare V cheetah handbag, perfect for fall! Loved the way Southern Curls & Pearls styled it in her latest post.

5 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

With my birthday quickly approaching (next week!), I am sharing 5 of my favorite ways to celebrate birthdays. As an hostess by trade, I tend to take even the smallest occasions to the next level. My roommate and I in college were the queens of celebrating, anything from birthdays to first jobs. We made sure all of our loved ones felt special.


Image from Studio DIY 

1. Wake up early and make a special breakfast for the person’s big day. I love these funfetti pancakes, my sweet roomie made them for my 21st birthday a few years back.

2. Mix up a unique cocktail and name it after the honoree for all of your guests to enjoy if throwing a soiree.

3. Make a countdown to the big day and place it on the birthday girl/guy’s door or office.

4. Ask friends and family to write special notes to the person celebrating.

5. In lieu of a traditional birthday gift instead give an experience. This could be a weekend getaway, trip to a winery, adventure such as zip lining, or trying a new restaurant.

These are only a few of the many ways to show how much you care about loved ones for birthdays. Next week, I have a big post planned for my birthday, be on the lookout for it!

Currently Loving: Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

It is no surprise one of my favorite designers is Lilly Pulitzer, I worked in a signature store while in college. My Mom and I share a closet full of Lilly shifts, sweaters, and Elsa tops. Lilly is truly a brand that can cross generations, we both celebrate big occasions in Lilly. Summer Lilly is always a hit, but sometimes the Fall line is not my favorite. While I was living in Charleston it was easy to get away with the bright colored Fall clothes, but in Nashville more muted colors are acceptable. I was very impressed with this year’s Fall new arrivals. Here are a few of my favorites.


Destination Quilted Jacket | Devlin Sweater Shift Dress


Skipper Printed PopoverMilannia Short Sleeve Shift Dress 


Worth It Leather ClutchTerry Shift Dress


Nila Boatneck Sweater | Riley Tassel Scarf 

Enjoy wearing Lilly this Fall!

Tips for Working from Home


When you tell someone you work from home, the first normal reaction is jealousy. Everyone envisions wearing pajamas, not waking up so early, and cutting out a morning commute. I started working from home a little over a month ago, at first it was more challenging. I felt alone all the time and without a set schedule I had a hard time staying focused. However, I finally found my groove after trial and error.

Follow these tips to help you succeed when working from home:

1. Set up an exact spot in your home or apartment that is your “office” everyday. It can be a corner or even a chair in your kitchen that is near everything you need to be productive.

2. To signal the workday is over instead of your typical commute home, set up a routine. I enjoy reading, working out, or going for a walk. It does not have to be long, even a five minute walk can help your body realize the work portion of your day is over.

3. Though it is tempting to work in p.j.’s all day, I find I am more productive if i get up and shower.

4. Make sure you take time to socialize. No one enjoys being alone all the time, I felt extremely isolated the first few weeks of work. I love working from coffee shops with other friends who also work from home a few days a week.

5. Turn the TV off. Even though those Sex and the City reruns look appealing, it will keep you from staying focused on work.

6. Remind roommates and friends that you are indeed working even though you are staying at home.

7. Clean your apartment or home, a cluttered apartment is a cluttered mind. I tend to be very distracted when my apartment is not tidy.

8. Set a scheduled lunch time, it is easy to continue working and not remember to take breaks.  I pretend I have a lunch break to break up my day. The beauty of working from home is your lunch break can be running to the gym, laundry, or a favorite TV show.

Fall Scallops

With summer winding down, I cannot wait to mix my summer wardrobe with my fall staples. This week Nashville has felt like Fall and I could not be more thrilled. This is one of my all time favorite dresses (I may or may not have it in several colors). These cheetah shoes are my go to statement piece for fall, especially with the gold accent heel. Simple accessories such as this bow clutch and Kate Spade watch are the icing on the cake.




J.Crew Scalloped Dress | C.Wonder Cheetah Heels (Similar Here) | Design Darling Bow Clutch (Similar Here)