Currently Loving: Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

It is no surprise one of my favorite designers is Lilly Pulitzer, I worked in a signature store while in college. My Mom and I share a closet full of Lilly shifts, sweaters, and Elsa tops. Lilly is truly a brand that can cross generations, we both celebrate big occasions in Lilly. Summer Lilly is always a hit, but sometimes the Fall line is not my favorite. While I was living in Charleston it was easy to get away with the bright colored Fall clothes, but in Nashville more muted colors are acceptable. I was very impressed with this year’s Fall new arrivals. Here are a few of my favorites.


Destination Quilted Jacket | Devlin Sweater Shift Dress


Skipper Printed PopoverMilannia Short Sleeve Shift Dress 


Worth It Leather ClutchTerry Shift Dress


Nila Boatneck Sweater | Riley Tassel Scarf 

Enjoy wearing Lilly this Fall!

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