Daily Reads

Like many other bloggers, I read several blogs a day. I enjoy reading about other blogger’s experiences, fashion, and life. I find myself inspired or challenged by what others share online. Here are a few of my favorite blogs I read on a daily basis. Hope you will become inspired by these incredible women as well. IMG_9811

1. Design Darling– This was one of the first blogs I began reading. I was immediately drawn to Mackenzie because like me she is a redhead who wears a lot of pink! I have several items from her online store that I adore.

2. Classy Girls Wear Pearls– Sarah shares her classic style with a twist. Most of her clothing is from my favorite store, J.Crew. Every blog post resembles Moonrise Kingdom.

3. College Prepster– This blog is a favorite for career advice. Carly was an inspiration to me to quit my job and follow my dreams. Her laid back style and cute pup Teddy are the icing on the cake!

4. Glitter & Gingham– Shelby’s edgy, but yet preppy style always inspires me. I can never pull off the leather jacket look with florals, but she does flawlessly.

5. Hosting & Toasting– I have worked with Brittney on projects with another company. She always has the best tips for in home entertaining and party favors. I also love her style!

6. Pink Peonies– This girl’s blog is hands down my favorite for style. She puts together unexpected outfits that look amazing. Not to mention she has the most amazing closet, swoon worthy!

7. Southern Curls and Pearls– Southern style meets beauty tips in this blog. I love seeing how Caitlin wears her hair and makeup. Her style is very fun as well.

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