Thoughts on Turning 24


Today is my 24th birthday! This year has been a significant growing year for me not only professionally, but also personally. I moved into the most perfect apartment, accomplished a significant financial goal, quit my job, met some of the most incredible new friends, started this blog, began a new adventure with a start up, and truly became more happy in my own skin. There have been lots of breakdowns but thankfully more tears from laughing so hard.


I am in the weird category of not being a carefree college student anymore and becoming more of a young professional. I can sense the change amongst all of my friends as well, we are starting to take saving money seriously and not being as careless as in our younger years. At the same time, we are also living life to the fullest and enjoying our last few years before families and mortgages consume us.


To celebrate, I am sharing 24 things I have learned in the last year.

24 Life Reflections after Turning 24:

1. It is more than okay to say no. Saying yes is easy, saying no takes guts.

2. When all else fails, there is always Mom and wine.

3. Commitment is necessary for all of your relationships, do not let anyone tell you differently.

4. You can never stop learning.

5. Do not ever settle.

6. Not saving money will catch up with you, do you really need that $5 coffee?

7. It is okay to follow your dreams. Quit the job you hate and go where your passion lies.

8. You will never have the perfect body. Embrace the freckles and enjoy being an individual unlike any other.

9. $2 beer night will get the best of you every time. Do not let your friends trick you into thinking differently.

10. Do not ever stop being inspired. Go on a hike, visit an art gallery, or walk through a farmer’s market. Find inspiration in the most unlikely of places.


11. Giving back never goes out of style. Charity is not a bad word.

12. Read.

13. Don’t skip girls night, memories are more important than getting 8 hours of sleep.

14. Sometimes all you can do is swallow your pride and forgive.

15. Take a minute to write down five things you are grateful for everyday. There is always a silver lining to a bad day.

16. Make your apartment a home, just because it is temporary does not mean you should not invest in a few quality pieces.

17. Never forget where home is.

18. It is probably time to take that dress to the dry cleaners. Wearing dirty clothes is never in style.

19. Dreams do not work unless you do.

20. Never stop being silly.


21. Do not let your age or gender keep you from career goals.

22. Be a strong woman, do not apologize for demanding what you deserve.

23. Go to the gym, I know the couch looks comfy but you will regret it later.

24. There is more to life than money.


I am thrilled to be spending my birthday in this fabulous dress surrounded by people I adore. Cheers to 24!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Turning 24

  1. Love that dress! I remember a time when number 9 = 13. Thankfully, I’ve finally earned a beer palate. $2 beers just don’t do it for me anymore. In fact… I have a recommendation, Terrapin’s Liquid Bliss, and after that – remind yourself of 23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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