Red hair + Red Lips

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My whole life, I have been told redheads cannot wear red lipstick, it seemed everyone had an opinion. I had always accepted it. However, with my recent birthday I decided to mix up my beauty routine and add a classic tube of red lipstick. Why should I allow others to tell me what I can and cannot pull off? I love the results and will be adding this to look to my makeup routine, perfect for a girls night or date! IMG_9832

The trick to pulling off the red lip is to find the right shade. I suggest buying a few different shades and trying out the one that works best for you. Definitely purchase from the drugstore first, once you decide you can pull it off then I would splurge on higher end lipsticks. Currently coveting this Chanel red. If you feel lipstick is too bold, a stain or red lip gloss may work. Also, prep your lips by applying chapstick first.


Statements pieces and fun shoes never hurt to complete a red lip. Red lipstick can dress up even the most basic of outfits. Don’t follow the rules and rock red lip even with red hair!

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