Why I Vote & Why It Matters

November 4th is not just another Tuesday, it is election day! I have had an interest in politics since I was little (no I am not getting into sides or issues here just the issue of voting). As I have mentioned before, my family has always stressed the importance of voting. I did an internship in Washington, D.C. for a local congressman and my family has been involved politically for as long as I can remember. register-to-vote-101614

Image from Levo League

Why I Vote:

  • Many people believe that one little vote will not make a difference. However, in a primary election in my parent’s hometown, a U.S. congressional race was won because of 35 votes! So yes, one vote matters.
  • Issues will not change unless we chose to change them. Are you interested in women’s issues or education? It is going to take more than just volunteering at a non profit to create change (although this is a great start). We need to come together and vote!
  • Our future children are relying on us to help shape this country to be a great place to live. Are we going to let them down?
  • This is our one chance in society to be considered equal amongst everyone. Oprah and I are considered the same when voting, this is probably the only time during the year this happens!
  • Those student loans and birth control laws are all determined on Capitol Hill, don’t you want to influence those conversations by choosing who represents us on those subjects?
  • I am sick of older generations referring to us as entitled and lazy. Coming together and voting as a generation will change the world’s viewpoint on us. After all, we are projected to be a third of the voting population soon!
  • I plan on owning a business someday and regulations that are voted on now will affect that future business.
  • Women and men have fought and died for our right to vote. Those riots in Hong Kong are over open elections. There is no reason to take this lightly. That episode of Scandal can wait 30 minutes for you to go vote!
  • Lastly, if we do not exercise our right to vote, then we cannot be upset when laws change that are not in our favor.

I urge you to register to vote. Read about the issues. Become Informed. And VOTE!

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