Thanksgiving DIY Projects

My absolute favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is around the corner. I love it because it is a holiday where presents are not involved and we take the time to remember to be thankful. Here are a few DIY Thanksgiving projects that have been on my radar lately. We made the “thankful for” placemats last year, and all of our family loved it. This year I am loving the chalkboard pumpkin for the menu, such an easy DIY that will make a large impact.

1. Chalkboard Pumpkin Menus


2. Oh My Deer Handmades I Am Thankful For… Placemats

blog-thanksgiving place mat kraft paper white ink 1

3. Studio DIY Leftover Pie Boxes 


4. Sarah Hearts Glitter Feather Garland 


5. Martha Stewart Paper Pilgrim Hats


6. Studio DIY Confetti-Stuffed Turkey


What is your favorite Thanksgiving DIY?

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