Chambray + Hunters

I could not imagine fall without my Hunter boots. I love wearing these boots with jeans, dresses, and athletic wear. When the weather is chilly, I have cable knit boot socks to help insulate the boots. I was first introduced to Hunters when I lived in Charleston. The city would flood like crazy and these were the only boots that would save us when walking to class. For fall days, this is the perfect outfit especially when playing in the leaves or picking wildflowers. This dress has become a weekly staple for my wardrobe.IMG_3040IMG_3042IMG_3055IMG_3083IMG_3065

J.Crew Chambray Dress | Burberry Scarf | Tory Burch Handbag |  Hunter Boots | Ray Ban Sunglasses | Kate Spade Libra Bracelet | Kate Spade Watch

4 thoughts on “Chambray + Hunters

  1. First off, i love your dress, it looks very chic on you. Second, i LOVE your Hunter Boots! They makecyour whole outfit in my opinion. As an owner of 5 pairs, i can vouch how amazing these boots are. If i may suggest, a pink or yellow pair would add a nice pop of color in a spring/summer outfit/dress!


  2. Hey you, I pull my Hunter Wellies on midway thro November and don’t take them off until mid March LOL seriously though i’m so glad that you wear Hunter Wellies too, you look adorable.


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